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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Band
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Isil want to assassinate the Pope, says Iraq's ambassador to Vatican

From the Telegraph:
Pope Francis is at risk of an assassination attempt by the Islamic extremists of Isil, the Vatican has been warned, ahead of his first visit to a Muslim-majority country this weekend. 
As the 77-year-old pontiff prepares to travel to Albania on Sunday for a one-day visit, Iraq's ambassador to the Holy See said there were credible threats against the pontiff's life. 
The leader of the Roman Catholic Church could also be vulnerable when he travels to Turkey in November, the ambassador said. Jihadists from Isil have in recent weeks boasted of wanting to extend their caliphate to Rome, the heart of Western Christendom, and have talked of planting the jihadist black flag on top of St Peter's Basilica. 
Habeeb Al Sadr said there were also indications of a more specific threat against Pope Francis, who recently spoke out in favour of the US and its allies halting the advance of Isil in Syria and Iraq. 
"What has been declared by the self-declared Islamic State is clear – they want to kill the Pope. The threats against the Pope are credible," the ambassador told La Nazione, an Italian daily, on Tuesday. 
"I believe they could try to kill him during one of his overseas trips or even in Rome. There are members of Isil who are not Arabs but Canadian, American, French, British, also Italians. "Isil could engage any of these to commit a terrorist attack in Europe." 
The ambassador said the Pope had made himself a target by speaking out against the human rights abuses committed against Christians in Syria and Iraq, as well as by his approval of attempts by the US to try to roll back Isil.
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Rotherham - where the authorities knew about and covered up for staggering amount of forced sexual slavery by Muslim slave rape gangs - defends it's decision to take 3 foster kids away from THEIR FOSTER HOMES BECAUSE THE PARENTS BELONGED TO UKIP
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Australian Senator: "Anyone Calling for Sharia Law in Australia Can Just Get Out"

Why are there no politicians saying this in America?

From Western Journalism:
Recognizing the increased call for Sharia compliance among Australia’s Muslim population, Palmer United Party Sen. Jacqui Lambie issued a direct statement aimed at those unwilling to live by the nation’s laws. 
“Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote,” she asserted, “should not be given government handouts and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here.” 
Reiterating her instruction, the veteran-turned-legislator again made it clear that those wishing to implement the strict Islamic law in her country are not welcome.

Dem Congressional Candidate Says She Would Not Revoke Passports Of American Jihadists Fighting With ISIS

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South Carolina HS Confiscates American Flags From Students’ Trucks On 9/11 Anniversary

From WSPA Channel 7:
Woodruff, S.C. – 7 On Your Side was contacted by several upset parents who say Woodruff High School students were made to take down American flags from their vehicles on September 11. 
Spartanburg District 4 Superintendent Rallie Liston said four students arrived at the school Thursday morning with U.S. flags propped up on poles in their pickup truck beds. 
The school’s principal, Aaron Fulmer, confiscated the flags because he said it is against district policy to “draw attention” to one’s vehicle. 
The flags were returned to the students at the end of the day.
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Honor murder of 14-year-old in Galilee

On the day of the 9-11 Memorial, there was an honor murder committed in the Galilee:
Four men, including the victim’s brother, were indicted Thursday for murdering 14-year-old Fatma Hayb, allegedly because she had angered them by leaving her house without a chaperone.

Along with the brother, Mustafa Hayb, 24, the defendants are her cousins Majed Hayb, 20; Issa Hayb, 20; and Bashar Hayb, 19. All are residents of the village of Tuba Zangaria in the Upper Galilee.

Fatma was murdered on the night of June 12. According to the indictment filed in the Nazareth District Court, Mustafa and Majed had both threatened to hurt or even kill her several times before, saying she was leaving the house without their permission and wandering around without a chaperone. At some point, they decided to carry out their threat and enlisted Bashar and Issa to help.

At 10:20 P.M. on June 12, the indictment stated, Bashar and Issa came to Fatma’s house with a 9mm pistol by prearrangement with Mustafa and Majed. Fatma was sitting outside in the courtyard. Bashar and Issa shot her at least eight times, hitting her in both the upper and lower body, then fled the scene. Fatma was severely wounded and died soon after arriving at the hospital.

Mustafa is also charged with trying to harm another of his sisters just 11 days before Fatma’s murder. That sister, who is 20, enraged him by staying out one night until 9:30 P.M., the indictment said. When she returned, he grabbed her by the hair, but she managed to escape. He then chased after her with a knife.

All four men are charged with murder, conspiracy to commit a crime and weapons offenses. Mustafa and Majed are also charged with menacing. The prosecution asked that all four be remanded until the end of the trial.

Attorney Said Haddad, the public defender who is representing Mustafa Hayb, said his client denies “that he had any connection to the murder or desired his sister’s death.”

Mustafa did know there was a plan afoot to injure his sister, as a warning to her to mend her behavior, but nothing beyond that, Haddad added.

Moreover, any cooperation between Mustafa and the murderers stemmed from concrete threats that failure to cooperate would lead to him and other members of his family being killed, Haddad said. These threats precluded any possibility of complaining to the police or otherwise acting to prevent the attack on his sister, since “any attempt to change things would have brought his life to an end.”
All I can say about the lawyer is that he's clearly abetting his client's taqqiya, and is just as bad as he is. The four men who committed this repulsive crime should be locked away in isolation and the key thrown away.
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The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian


How do you think this ends, my friends? What happens when Islam is the majority religion in England?

Birmingham is the second most populace city in the UK.

I'd like to know the totals Christian vs. Muslim for London. I wonder if someone can find those stats.

Here's some stuff to ponder:

Game Over III: 78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion

ICM Poll: 20% of British Muslims sympathize with 7/7 bombers

NOP Research: 1 in 4 British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified

12% of young Muslims in Britain (and 12% overall) believe that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified.  

1 in 4 support suicide attacks against British troops.

ICM: 5% of Muslims in Britain tell pollsters they would not report a planned Islamic terror attack to authorities.

27% do not support the deportation of Islamic extremists preaching violence and hate.


So yeah, where do you think this population problem is going to lead?

Will England still be England?
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Axel Alonso claims the Muslim Ms. Marvel series is great for children

The UK Telegraph spoke with Marvel's EIC Alonso, who's proven himself as bad as his predecessor Joe Quesada, about the scrutiny they came under for the Spider-Woman cover by Milo Manara they're publishing, and the way their female take on Thor is drawn. Not surprisingly, he and the paper remain superficial about religion as seen in the Muslim Ms. Marvel series, which we'll get to in a moment. First:
The comic book world has long been dominated by male superheroes, from Superman and Spiderman to Captain Marvel and Iron Man. It’s only recently that mainstream companies like Marvel have started to create strong female characters, too. Think Ms Marvel, a young Muslim heroine, Black Widow, and the latest, a female Thor to replace the current male superhero.
Anyone who adheres to bad religions and belief systems can't be very strong as a thinker, that's for sure. Again, if they'd just emphasized her being Pakistani without focusing on religion, it could've worked better. But this is the new PC Marvel, and they'd rather focus on what they think is logical.
Marvel’s decision to allow a female superhero to wield Thor’s famous hammer has gone down well with fan girls all over the world. The fact that they're doing it without giving her an overtly feminine name (‘She-Thor’ or ‘Thorita’ were just two suggestions) is even more promising.
All of them from A to Z? I think that's a bit farfetched. How do they know several million women in the world solely demand a female replacement for Thor, and not a heroine who can stand on her own without being based so absurdly on the role of a guy whose name is quite masculine? It's silly to say keeping the masculine name hasn't gone by without criticism from any fangirl.
Axel Alonso, Marvel’s editor-in-chief, explains the idea came from the writer. But he says the Marvel team was equally enthused: “It wasn’t lost on us, of course, the power of a female Thor. The American comic book market has for decades been very much dominated by male writers and characters".
And it still is. Otherwise, they'd ask somebody like Louise Simonson to take up the task her great husband Walter worked on back in the mid-80s. But she'd probably want to work it all out with a path more faithful to past writing efforts that aren't so PC, and that's why today, they wouldn't hire her.
Alonso also explains that, although Marvel has no official policy, the company has been making an unspoken move towards diversity.

“Slowly we have made progress on that front," he adds. "We believe there’s an audience of women out there who are hungry for this and we want to make sure they get it. This is affirmative action. This is capitalism.”
Seriously, he, a leftist, supports capitalism? And I thought it was becoming a dirty word among some leftists, who prefer the term "free enterprise"! But is this really affirmative action? Not if they go out of their way to replace the male Thor in such a silly way, instead of taking the challenge of spotlighting Sif, his childhood sweetheart among the goddesses of Asgard.

Alonso says they're going by what they believe. But I think it's silly to assume women are demanding the male Thor be replaced at all costs, just like it's silly to think Blacks and Latinos want white superheroes replaced at all costs. Similarly, it's ludicrous to think women, Blacks and Latinos wanted the Spider-marriage erased at all costs, and Mary Jane Watson marginalized so badly, ending up in situations that make it impossible for people to look forward to new appearances she makes, since, as Dan Slott's proven with his last rendition, the guest appearances can turn out to be absolutely terrible and not worth reading. Overlooked by the Telegraph is what women think of all that. As I once mentioned before, if a black writer who supports the Spider-marriage came along, there's no chance Alonso and company would approve his/her wish to restore it.
An audience there certainly is. It's estimated that 46.67 per cent of comic fans are women. That's why it's so important for comic book creators to wake up to the fact that they have more female readers than ever.
If they did, the Spider-marriage would still be intact, ditto the coherent characterization for various other civilian female cast members. So it's pretty obvious they're still asleep.
“I don’t want to run away from sexy characters but I think there’s a difference between characters being sexy and gratuitous," says Alonso. "It comes down to context. I won’t say we won’t do sexy female characters. That’s preposterous and ridiculous. For one thing it’s in the eye of the beholder.”

But when you have hordes of female fans complaining about a sexualised Spiderwoman and busty Thor, then surely that’s a sign that something has to change? Especially when Alonso himself admits that there is a double standard - with male superheroes escaping this treatment?

“I challenge you to find in Ms Marvel anything that resembles the Playboy model standard,” he says. “But I don’t want to be Mr Goody-Two-Shoes. We’re creating stories. I don’t want to say there’s no room for stuff that’s not just fun. Then you’re censoring yourself.

“I want to make sure I have books like Ms Marvel and Black Widow that I’m proud about and could give to my daughter. But at the same time I don’t want to be the PC police and say you can’t be naughty; you can’t be fun.”
Alas, he is being the PC police. His staff have seen to it criticism of bad religions like Islam is haram (forbidden), and only an otherwise positive portrayal is allowed. Forget sexiness, what's galling here is his refusal - and theirs - to comment on how the Ms. Marvel book won't be honest and transparent about Islam. And if they won't be honest about the Religion of Peace's cruelty and its view on women's status, how can the book be something worth giving to a daughter? It's not whether any of the female characters look like Playboy bunnies that's concerning here, it's whether the script is open about the Koran's content that is. If they cannot be honest and tell each and every Sura from the pages of the Koran in their tale, then they're doing nothing more than marketing a misleading product to girls no matter what age they are.

The article doesn't do a very good job in its focus on She-Hulk either:
It brings us to the other issue that many fan girls have with the way women are portrayed in comic books: body shape.

Jade Sarson, creator of comic series Café Suada, recently spoke to me about how many superheroes are ‘skinny, waif sort of characters’. She was relieved that the female Thor is quite bulky, but told me that She-Hulk – a character who was once described as ‘a giant, green porn star’ – is “super thin”.
They don't even mention who called Jennifer Walters that, screenwriter David Goyer, nor do they tell how quite a few people were disgusted by his dirty language. And Stan Lee's rebuttal of Goyer's assertion She-Hulk was only created as a sex partner for Bruce Banner goes unmentioned either. From what they say here, you'd think Goyer's creepy little crack was something told back in the 80s. With all that offensive language, Goyer only proved why nobody should be quick to embrace him as the perfect screenwriter for comics movies. And what's so wrong with She-Hulk being thin? It's the way you'd expect to see in an animated cartoon, and you can't possibly expect them to draw anatomies true-to-life.
Even though Marvel won’t stop fully sexualising female characters, it's good news that they are still working on diversity. Alonso tells me he’s "open” to having a transgender superhero, as well as more story lines around the issue of sexuality. He'd also love to see a Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson (as would most of her fans, no doubt).

He also says that it's likely there will be more female comic heroes. We could even see a female Iron Man (one of the big three Marvel heroes) - or ‘Iron Maiden' - as he suggests she could be called.

“I think it’s very feasible. But we don’t start with, hey why don’t we make Iron Man female? That’s not the way to go about it. Ultimately if the story’s bad, it will explode in your face.”
And they've had plenty of bad storylines dating back to the early/mid 90s. The only reason why they succeeded as well as they did is because of the mindless, ill-informed addicts who buy out of obsession/compulsion, not based on story merit. That, along with their refusal to change publication format, is exactly why they've gradually lost other audiences who think better in terms of talent. These ideas he's willing to try out are not based on story value, they're just based on PC ideas he thinks must be accepted no matter what. And that's why they're not gaining audience, but rather, losing it.
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The fantasy and the reality of the middle east and UNDERSTANDING

The fantasy - we can withdraw from the middle east and seal our borders and be safe, happy, watch football on sundays, BBQ, and celebrate birthdays.
That we can isolate ourselves militarily, and Ron Paul our policies into militant inoffensiveness along the lines of John Qunicy  Adams’ desire that we provide only a good example for mankind, and otherwise involve ourselves no more.

The reality:
13 years of conversation with mostly salafis over THERE have convinced me we cannot coexist ON THE SAME PLANET without a continuous discontinuous (at best) strife and war of some intensity or other.


The people are sovereign in the USA.

We may acknowledge the moral guidance of a superior and perfect being in our moral behavior, but in the end we DEMAND that the laws which GOVERN come right out of our own heads.

The problem?

This is not just a blasphemy, it is a usurpation of that which ONLY God has already determined, HIS LAW for all time and revealed to man in the uncreated document Muhammad made public.

Muhammad and the Muslims are ordered to fight the people until fitnah, the idea most of all, that MAN RULES, is ended and we acknowledge and worship God in the manner prescribed in the uncreated document.

On this planet, it is going to be THAT FIGHT, our victory, or theirs.

Any idea that withdrawing behind walls a thousand feet high will resolve that issue is FANTASY. You will get only that delay it takes them to consolidate, invest themselves in an open secular society, and move upon us.

We certainly do not have to, nor should we be involved an more than is MANDATORY for the safety of the people of the USA, and this CERTAINLY includes secure borders as a primary and immediate goal, but that alone will NEVER BE ENOUGH, no matter HOW we disengage ourselves.
ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, are the enemies of the people of the USA and MAY lack the capability today to harm the people HERE (no one KNOWS this to be true or not), but that capability WILL come. It MUST come because we make up our own laws out of our own heads, and are thus a great sin in the face of that they feel is a personal responsibility to wipe out.
We assert OUR secular superiority to god’s laws.
When THAT view of god’s requirement of them has changed, we MIGHT have a MORE peaceful planet.

Can it?
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“If ISIS is, indeed, a threat to the people of the USA, do we want our safety to depend on the efficacy of the Iraqi army?”

John Bolton, just now
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New York Times: ISIS Is At The Southern Border of the U.S. and Will "Imminently Launch Car Bomb Attacks"

Law enforcement officers near the border have been put on a heightened state of alert. But Democrats are spinning the alarm as an attack on Barack Obama.

If we get attack, one has to wonder if they will spin the attack itself as an attack directly on Obama.

From the New York Times:
WASHINGTON — Militants for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have traveled to Mexico and are just miles from the United States. They plan to cross over the porous border and will “imminently” launch car bomb attacks.  
And the threat is so real that federal law enforcement officers have been placed at a heightened state of alert, and an American military base near the border has increased its security. 
As the Obama administration and the American public have focused their attention on ISIS in recent weeks, conservative groups and leading Republicans have issued stark warnings like those that ISIS and other extremists from Syria are planning to enter the country illegally from Mexico. 
But the Homeland Security Department, the F.B.I. and lawmakers who represent areas near the border say there is no truth to the warnings. 
“There is no credible intelligence to suggest that there is an active plot by ISIL to attempt to cross the southern border,” Homeland Security officials said in a written statement, using an alternative acronym for the group. 
Democrats say opponents of President Obama are simply playing on concerns about terrorism as part of their attempt to portray Mr. Obama as having failed to secure the border against illegal immigration. 
“There’s a longstanding history in this country of projecting whatever fears we have onto the border,” said Representative Beto O’Rourke, Democrat of Texas, who represents El Paso and other areas near the border. 
“In the absence of understanding the border, they insert their fears. Before it was Iran and Al Qaeda. Now it’s ISIS. They just reach the conclusion that invasion is imminent, and it never is.”
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Will The Real Islamophobes Please Stand Up?

There is much debate about the word "Islamophobe."

CAIR, and their enablers on the Left, are busy throwing the word around at every person who dares to criticize Islam, even when this criticism is directed at the most draconian of Sharia punishments such as death to gays and apostates.

Meanwhile, people on the Right get irritated by the word "Islamophobe", and make attempts to defend themselves against the use of the word, replying in some form of the following,

1) I don't dislike Muslims. I dislike the ideology of Orthodox Islam.


2) Islam is a Warrior ideology. It is reasonable to fear such a dangerous set of ideas.


3) I only dislike Extremist Muslims. I have no problem with "Moderate Muslims".

I think all of these statements are actually evading the truth of "Islamophobia."

Here's my perspective:

I am NOT an Islamophobe. I am not afraid of Islam, nor am I afraid of Muslims.

I accept that war is a fact of life, and I accept  that Islam is a War-like ideology which stipulates that non-Muslims are to be converted, killed, or subjugated under the Jizya.

I also accept that Islam teaches that gays and apostates ought to be killed. And I accept that Islam teaches that those who criticize Islam are to be put to death for "stirring up mischief in the land."

I accept that large swaths of the Islamic world believe in these ideas.

And yet, I am not afraid. I have multiple reasons for not being afraid. The reasons are really not the point of this essay. Some are spiritual. Some have to do with what I see as the mechanical realities of culture. Some are simply personal. But as I say, my lack of fear on this subject is not the point.

The point is, we who speak out against Islam are not the Islamophobes. We speak out because we choose NOT to live in fear of Islam. We are not afraid, and we demonstrate that we are not afraid by the very fact that we are willing to speak out.

So, who are the Islamophobes?

To answer the question, first we need to define Islam. Here's my definition:

  • Islam is a religion based upon the life and teachings of Mohammed as put forth in the Koran and the Hadith. 
  • Mohammed taught that Infidels are to be killed. 
  • Mohammed taught that the People of the Book are to be given the option of living as second-class citizens, and if they do not agree, they are also to be killed. 
  • Mohammed taught that gays and apostates are to be killed. 
  • And Mohammed taught that all Jews will be murdered on the Day of Judgement, when the stones and trees themselves will say, "There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him."

So that is Islam. Islam may be more than that, but the weight of the above tenets is so great that no good deed - short of Christ coming back - could make such a weight bearable.

The world is full of Muslims who do not adhere strictly to these tenets. Our society chooses to call such Muslims, "moderate." I choose to call them marginal Muslims. I call them marginal Muslims, because as is true of marginal Christians, or marginal Hindus, they do not adhere to the Orthodoxy of their own religion, whether through choice, or ignorance.

So now, to the question of who are the real Islamophobes.

The real Islamophobes are those who are afraid of real Islam; those who are afraid of what Islam is.

Now, look around you. Who is afraid of what Islam is? Who is afraid to deal with Islam as it manifests itself upon the earth?

ISIS is not afraid to deal with what Islam really is. They come right out and say what they believe, and they lay their lives on the line in the interest of acting according to their beliefs.

The real Islamophobes are those who are afraid to deal with Islam as it is. They are the ones who continually obfuscate and refuse to see what is as plain as the nose on their own faces.

Marginal Muslims who choose to remain Muslim even though they don't believe in the tenets of their own religion; they are afraid of Islam. They are Islamophobes. The reason they do not convert is because they know apostates are to be put to death under Islam. They have good reason to be Islamophobic, don't they?

Leftist apologists for Islam are also Islamophobic. When a Leftist, who has not studied Islam, presumes to lecture the public on Islam, all the while contradicting the primary schools of Islamic Jurisprudence, the teachings of major Imams, the actions of ISIS, and the words of the Koran itself, well, then, those people betray their Islamophobia by refusing to acknowledge Islam for what it is.

They refuse to admit what Islam is because they are afraid of what Islam is.

They are Islamophobes.

And who else is afraid of Islam? Who are the other Islamophobes?

CAIR is afraid of Islam. The last thing CAIR wants you to know is what Islam is really about. The entire purpose of CAIR, and most other Islamic "rights" groups, is to obfuscate about the truth of Islam, so that the Infidels will not catch on.

CAIR is afraid that we Infidels will come to know the truth about Islam before the True Islam has gathered enough power for Islam to do to us what ISIS is currently doing to the Iraqis.

CAIR is afraid of Islam, so CAIR refuses to admit the truth of Islam.

CAIR is Islamophobic.

So we see those who accept things for what they are, and choose to oppose them anyway, those people are not Islamophobes.

The Islamophobes are afraid to admit the reality of the Elephant in the Room. They are afraid to put words to the facts before their very eyes. They believe any word spoken, acknowledging the truth of Islam, only gives Islam more power.

They are the true Islamophobes.

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Bruce Springsteen
Live in London at Hammersmith Odeon 1975

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Great Unraveling


The Great Unraveling

It was the time of unraveling. Long afterward, in the ruins, people asked: How could it happen?
It was a time of beheadings. With a left-handed sawing motion, against a desert backdrop, in bright sunlight, a Muslim with a British accent cut off the heads of two American journalists and a British aid worker. The jihadi seemed comfortable in his work, unhurried. His victims were broken. Terror is theater. Burning skyscrapers, severed heads: The terrorist takes movie images of unbearable lightness and gives them weight enough to embed themselves in the psyche.
It was a time of aggression. The leader of the largest nation on earth pronounced his country encircled, even humiliated. He annexed part of a neighboring country, the first such act in Europe since 1945, and stirred up a war on further land he coveted. His surrogates shot down a civilian passenger plane. The victims, many of them Europeans, were left to rot in the sun for days. He denied any part in the violence, like a puppeteer denying that his puppets’ movements have any connection to his. He invoked the law the better to trample on it. He invoked history the better to turn it into farce. He reminded humankind that the idiom fascism knows best is untruth so grotesque it begets unreason.
It was a time of breakup. The most successful union in history, forged on an island in the North Sea in 1707, headed toward possible dissolution — not because it had failed (refugees from across the seas still clamored to get into it), nor even because of new hatreds between its peoples. The northernmost citizens were bored. They were disgruntled. They were irked, in some insidious way, by the south and its moneyed capital, an emblem to them of globalization and inequality. They imagined they had to control their National Health Service in order to save it even though they already controlled it through devolution and might well have less money for its preservation (not that it was threatened in the first place) as an independent state. The fact that the currency, the debt, the revenue, the defense, the solvency and the European Union membership of such a newborn state were all in doubt did not appear to weigh much on a decision driven by emotion, by urges, by a longing to be heard in the modern cacophony — and to heck with the day after. If all else failed, oil would come to the rescue (unless somebody else owned it or it just ran out).

It was a time of weakness. The most powerful nation on earth was tired of far-flung wars, its will and treasury depleted by absence of victory. An ungrateful world could damn well police itself. The nation had bridges to build and education systems to fix. Civil wars between Arabs could fester. Enemies might even kill other enemies, a low-cost gain. Middle Eastern borders could fade; they were artificial colonial lines on a map. Shiite could battle Sunni, and Sunni Shiite, there was no stopping them. Like Europe’s decades-long religious wars, these wars had to run their course. The nation’s leader mockingly derided his own “wan, diffident, professorial” approach to the world, implying he was none of these things, even if he gave that appearance. He set objectives for which he had no plan. He made commitments he did not keep. In the way of the world these things were noticed. Enemies probed. Allies were neglected, until they were needed to face the decapitators who talked of a Caliphate and called themselves a state. Words like “strength” and “resolve” returned to the leader’s vocabulary. But the world was already adrift, unmoored by the retreat of its ordering power. The rule book had been ripped up.
It was a time of hatred. Anti-Semitic slogans were heard in the land that invented industrialized mass murder for Europe’s Jews. Frightened European Jews removed mezuzahs from their homes. Europe’s Muslims felt the ugly backlash from the depravity of the decapitators, who were adept at Facebooking their message. The fabric of society frayed. Democracy looked quaint or outmoded beside new authoritarianisms. Politicians, haunted by their incapacity, played on the fears of their populations, who were device-distracted or under device-driven stress. Dystopia was a vogue word, like utopia in the 20th century. The great rising nations of vast populations held the fate of the world in their hands but hardly seemed to care.
It was a time of fever. People in West Africa bled from the eyes.
It was a time of disorientation. Nobody connected the dots or read Kipling on life’s few certainties: “The Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire / And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.”
Until it was too late and people could see the Great Unraveling for what it was and what it had wrought.


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“You cannot imagine the pleasure you get from cutting off a baby’s head”

Moderate Muslim

From Jihad Watch:
This savage also murdered four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Clearly a murderous psychopath will find a belief system that encourages and justifies violence attractive. 
A FRENCH journalist who was held hostage by rebels in Syria has given a chilling account of his ­ordeal at the hands of an Islamic terrorist who tortured him and bragged about beheading women and children. 
Nicolas Henin, who was ­released in April, recalled last week how his captor, Mehdi Nemmouche, a French citizen of Algerian origin, appeared to take perverse pleasure in describing atrocities he had committed while fighting with Islamic State. 
Nemmouche has since gone on trial in Belgium accused of the murder of four people in an attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels in May. 
“Do you know what happens when I go into a Shi’ite home?” Henin recalled Nemmouche asking him one day. “First, there’s the grandmother — I only use one bullet on her, she’s not worth more — then the wife. First, I rape her, then I cut her throat.” 
According to Henin — who was held for some time with James Foley, an American journalist murdered by Islamic State — Nemmouche continued: 
“Then I come to the baby. Ah, a baby! You cannot imagine the pleasure you get from cutting off a baby’s head.”
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Civilizational Jihad in America - Are You Prepared?

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The Daily Obamanation

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They're loyal, friendly, affectionate, protective, and only fight when forced. No, not Muslims. Dogs. So of course Muslims hate 'em.

Just a reminder: This guy thinks dogs are unclean.

This guy.


This one right here.

Unclean, they are.


Says this guy.


From Buzzpo 

Disabled Veteran was Kicked out of a Muslim Owned Subway Because he had a Service Dog

By Eric Reed

Paterson, NJ - Please welcome Sharia Law to America! A disabled veteran was kicked out of a Muslim owned Subway restaurant solely because he has a service dog for his severe PTSD.

Richard Hunter walked into the Subway store, and he was immediately ordered to “get out” by the Muslim manager because he had his uniformed service dog accompanying him. Hunter now fully intends on sending Subway a message, in court.

The story told to reporter Sarah Wallace and ABC13 is below.

“This was huge to go out with my son for the first time in over ten years,” Hunter said.

The sign on the door seemingly said it all: “Service animals are welcome,” but Hunter claims the manager, later identified as Mitul Ahmed, said something very different.

“I may have been holding the door when he first said something. He said, ‘The dog is not allowed in here. Get the dog out of here,'” Hunter said.

“He was clearly identified as a service animal,” Eyewitness News Investigative Reporter Sarah Wallace said.

“He was wearing what he has on right now,” Hunter said. “I said he was a service animal.”

“He didn’t care,” Wallace said.

“That’s exactly what he said, ‘I don’t care,'” Hunter said.

For full article


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ISIS's Five-Year Plan

The Islamic State has released a map:

Details HERE at Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (hat tip to Jihad Watch).

The Islamic State has specific objectives and a plan for executing those objectives, and Western political leaders are spouting the nonsense that ISIS is not the real Islam.

Meanwhile, the West is dithering and trying to come up with a plan.

I feel doom.

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We need to shout it from the rooftops, we need to spread this phrase: SEAL WESTERN BORDERS AND GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST NOW!

Were it not for Muslims living in the West, ISIS’s surge in the Middle East would present no possible physical danger for us in the West.   This is a fact.  The only danger ISIS poses in western lands comes from domestic Muslim sympathizers.  As such, we should continue to monitor especially suspicious Muslims in the West.  But, with such monitoring in place, Middle Eastern civil wars have nothing to do with our domestic safety; western troops have no reason to be there.

Having open borders directly impacts our safety and solvency.   Muslim immigration increases the potential for blowback from our meddling in the Middle East.  Furthermore, allowing impoverished, uneducated people, with foreign (even antagonistic) values and languages, into our nations strains our economic solvency and national cultural integrity.  To protect western nations, (and lives), we must stop immigration from third world nations and, especially, Muslim nations.

President Obama wants to arm the rebels fighting Syria’s government, bomb ISIS and defend Iraq’s government. The Middle East is violent and tribal, (cultural diversity is real), sending them weapons will not change this. Furthermore, the rebels fighting Syria’s government (alongside ISIS) are Muslim warriors.  We need to understand that the West and the Islamic world are distinct and at odds.  We have no business backing sides in their tribal conflicts or arming their warriors.

I am not saying if a nation backs a terrorist act in our lands we shouldn’t react.  We should attack with the intent of inflicting pain and death sufficient to deter any such future attacks.  But, after that mission, we must come home and seal our borders. There can be no doubt that this is the best strategy to deter and prevent future attacks on our soil. Likewise, there can be no doubt that the globalist-humanitarian position of fighting in the Middle East and keeping our borders open is much more dangerous for us. 

We need adopt the culturist view that the geo-political divide in the world is between the West and the Muslim world.  From this perspective, we have neither a globalist-humanitarian obligation to let Muslims immigrate to our continents, nor an obligation to back factions in their tribal wars; we only have an obligation to safeguard ourselves.  To signal such a paradigm shift, and to protect the West, we must SEAL WESTERN BORDERS AND GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST NOW.

John K. Press, Ph.D. is a professor in Korea. has more information concerning culturism.

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Go read the whole thing.
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How To Tell The Difference Between a Radical Muslim and a Moderate Muslim

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Infidel Song of the Week

All we need is a $10 and a fiver
A car, and a key, and a sober driver

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Jordanian Palestinian Politician: “There Is No Such Thing as ‘ISIS Ideology,’ It’s Islam”

Muhammad Bayoudh Al-Tamimi: I reject the use of the terms “ISIS” and “ISIS ideology.” It sounds like you are talking about a Satanic weed or a Satanic ideology, which has come from out of nowhere.
Interviewer: But isn’t that true?
Muhammad Bayoudh Al-Tamimi: No, it is not. The problem with the analysts and the TV commentators who talk about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is that what they say is completely off-track. They have accused ISIS of being an Iranian product, an American product, the product of the Syrian regime, the product of all the world’s devils…But it has become evident that ISIS is waging an all-out war against each and every one of these players. It is waging war in Iraq against Iran. Yesterday, it made incursions into Iranian territory in the province of Azerbaijan, where it took over seven towns. Now it is crushing the Nusayri Alawite regime in Syria, shattering the backbone of its military forces: the 17th Division, the 93rd Brigade, and the Tabqa military airbase. ISIS is on the march against the Nusayri Alawite regime in Syria, and against Iranian influence in Iraq. The ISIS doctrine stems from the Quran and the Sunna. The Quran and the Sunna constitute their ideology, doctrine, and conduct. If we want to tell the truth, we must cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and analyze this phenomenon…it is no longer just a phenomenon, but a fact on the ground…Today, the whole world is divided into two camps – one led by America and its satellites and the other led by the Islamic State. The war is raging between these two camps and everybody leans towards one camp or the other. This is true especially of the Muslims of the world. They support the U.S. and its collaborators and Iran and its Safavid agenda, or else they support (ISIS)…There is no such thing as “ISIS ideology” – it’s Islam.

If his opinion seems outlandish and obnoxious to you, you might be interested to know that 92% of Saudi Arabian citizens agree with him:

92% of Saudi’s believe that “IS(IS) conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law” – Poll

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Joe Cocker
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Full Movie

01. Albion Intro. from the Anglo-Saxophone
02. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
03. Delta Lady
04. Feelin' Alright
05. Change in Louise
06. Darlin' Be Home Soon
07. Going To New York City
08. Superstar
09. We Love You Conrad
10. Please Give Peace a Chance
11. She Came in Trought The Bathroom Window
12. Let It Be
13. The Letter
14. Sticks and Stones
15. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
16. Bird On a Wire
17. Honky Tonk Woman
18. Space Captain
19. Something
20. With a Little Help From My Friends
21. The Ballad Of Mad Dogs & Englishmen

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Third World Nation Alert: CBC News Says, Police Are Grabbing People's Cash Across The Nation

Hmm. Not too sure about this, but it is worth discussing.

From CBC:
Across America, law enforcement officers — from federal agents to state troopers right down to sheriffs in one-street backwaters — are operating a vast, co-ordinated scheme to grab as much of the public’s cash as they can; “hand over fist,” to use the words of one police trainer. 
It usually starts on the road somewhere. An officer pulls you over for some minor infraction — changing lanes without proper signalling, following the car ahead too closely, straddling lanes. The offence is irrelevant. 
Then the police officer wants to chat, asking questions about where you’re going, or where you came from, and why. He’ll peer into your car, then perhaps ask permission to search it, citing the need for vigilance against terrorist weaponry or drugs. 
What he’s really looking for, though, is money. And if you were foolish (or intimidated) enough to have consented to the search, and you’re carrying any significant amount of cash, you are now likely to lose it. 
The officer will probably produce a waiver, saying that if you just sign over the money then the whole matter will just disappear, and you’ll be able to go on your way. Refuse to sign it, and he may take the cash anyway, proclaiming it the probable proceeds of drugs or some other crime. 
Either way, you almost certainly won’t be charged with anything; the objective is to take your money, not burden the system. You’ll have the right to seek its return in court, but of course that will mean big lawyer’s fees, and legally documenting exactly where the money came from. 
You will need to prove you are not a drug dealer or a terrorist. It might take a year or two. And several trips back to the jurisdiction where you were pulled over. Sorry. 
The Washington Post this week reported that in the past 13 years, there have been 61,998 cash seizures on roadways and elsewhere without use of search warrants. The total haul: $2.5 billion, divided pretty much equally between the U.S. government and state and local authorities (hence the Kafkaesque “equitable sharing” euphemism). 
Half of the seizures, according to the Post, were below $8,800. Only a sixth of those who had money taken from them pursued its return. Some, no doubt, were indeed drug dealers or money launderers and just walked away from the money. 
Others just couldn’t spare the expense and time of going to court. Of those who did, though, nearly half got their money back, a statistic that fairly screams about the legitimacy of the seizures. 
So does another fact: In many cases, authorities offer half the money back – money they’d claimed was proceeds of crime. And when they do issue a cheque, they almost always insist their victim sign a legal release promising never to sue.
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Imam Starts Chanting “Allahu Akbar” At 9-11 Memorial Ceremony at Barry University

The Shark Tank reported:
Considered to be one of the largest Catholic universities in the United States, Barry University, which is nestled in Miami Shores, Florida, hosted an interfaith memorial service to remember the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. 
According to Laura Loomer, a senior at the university, the service began with Imam Nasir Ahmad, leader of Liberty City’s Mosque Masjid Al Ansar in Miami-Dade County, repeatedly chanting the ominous phrase “Allah Akbar” during his 10-15 minute address. 
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arab countries offer to join air campaign on IS

From Reuters:
PARIS (Reuters) - Several Arab countries have offered to join the United States in air strikes against Islamic State targets, U.S. officials said on Sunday, indicating a possible widening of the air campaign against militants who have seized parts of Iraq and Syria. 
The officials declined to identify which countries had made the offers but said they were under consideration as the United States begins to identify roles for each country in its emerging coalition against jihadists who have declared a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East. 
The addition of Arab fighter jets could strengthen the credibility of the American-led campaign in a region skeptical of how far Washington will commit to a conflict in which nearly every country has a stake, set against the backdrop of Islam's 1,300-year-old rift between Sunnis and Shi'ites. 
“I don’t want to leave you with the impression that these Arab members haven’t offered to do air strikes because several of them have,” a senior U.S. State Department official told reporters in Paris. 
The official said the offers were not limited to air strikes on Iraq. " 
Some have indicated for quite a while a willingness to do them elsewhere," the official said. 
"We have to sort through all of that because you can’t just go and bomb something."
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Spiritual Father of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Comes Out Against US War On ISIS

Yeah, yeah, I know it's not a war. It's more of a Frenzied Armed Pirouette of Peace, or a Kinetic Force Field Against Unnamed Evil, or something like that, but yeah.


-based Preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi says he is against "the US battle with "

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In Liberalville Only the Government is Authorized to Care.

Shorter version: Keep out of this families, or heads will roll.

Both Families of Beheaded Journalists Say They Were Threatened With Prosecution By State Department

By Rachel Alexander

From Rightwing News

From First the Foley family revealed they had been threatened with prosecution if they tried to pay a ransom to free their captured son. Now the Sotloff family has come out and said they too were threatened by a White House counterterrorism official last May.  This is incredible considering their sons were likely to be murdered. Why is the government stopping parents from protecting their sons? How many more families of captured Americans are going to be threatened by our own government if they they try to rescue their kids?

According to Weasel Zippers,
The Sotloff family issued their statement after Diane Foley, the mother of murdered journalist James Foley, told ABC News that her family took statements by the White House counterterrorism official about legal bars to paying ransom as a “threat, and it was appalling. … We were horrified he would say that. He just told us we would be prosecuted.”
The double standard is appalling. Last year, Jesse Jackson successfully negotiated for the release of U.S. citizen Kevin Scott Sutay, who had been captured by the FARC of Colombia.  That wasn’t the first U.S. hostage Jackson had gotten freed, either. Why is Jackson, an unelected race-mongering busybody, allowed to negotiate for the release of captured U.S. citizens, but their own families aren’t? The unequal treatment – and subsequent brutal deaths of these innocent Americans – is disturbing.

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Netanyahu announces King Hussein and he are headed to Spago’s for goat cheese pizza and (soft) drinks

I don’t have an adequate synonym to the word ‘ironic’ for Israel saving (for whatever reason) the Hashemite family (descended from THAT GUY, RIGHT?), and some 60-80% of all Palestinians from getting chopped by ISIS via the use of the IDF (which will then be condemned as an invasion for land and genocide by the usual suspects—EVERYONE ELSE)
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"Expect A Surprise Within Days" --- ISIS eyeing up Egypt as its next target, experts say

From al-Arabiya:
After the lightning advance of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants this summer, Egyptian experts say that the extremist group - which aims to redraw the map of the Middle East - may have its eyes on Egypt. 
“There is definitely a threat from ISIS to Egypt,” Mohammed Badr, a professor of political science at the University of Germany told Al Arabiya News, adding that the group has the country in its “line of sight.” 
“All extremist groups represent a danger for Egypt,” Badr said, adding that “ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis [an Islamist militant group] are all dangerous for Egypt but the level of their threat is different.” 
In recent weeks, the Islamist group started showing notable signs that it might be interested in expanding its influence in Egypt. One alleged ISIS militant took to social media to warn Egypt that it should be expecting a “surprise” soon. 
“Except a surprise in Egypt within days,” alleged ISIS member Abu Siyaf al-Masry wrote on his personal Twitter account, according to the Cairo-based daily al-Masry al-Youm.
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Legends Live at Montreux 1997

Marcus Miller: Bass guitar
Eric Clapton: Guitar and Vocals
Steve Gadd: Drums
Joe Sample: Keyboards
David Sanborn: Saxophone

1) Full House @00:00:36
2) Groovin' @00:10:01
3) Ruthie @00:17:04
4) Snakes @00:22:36
5) Going Down Slow @00:34:39
6) The Peeper @00:41:01
7) In Case You Hadn't Noticed @00:50:32
8) Third Degree @00:57:13
9) First Song / Tango Blues @01:04:00
10) Put It Where You Want It @01:13:05
11) Shreveport Stomp @01:28:41
12) In A Sentimental Mood / Layla - @1:30:40
13) Every Day I Have The Blues @01:39:20

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Senior Israeli official: "Israel will intervene militarily in case of invasion of Jordan by ISIL."

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

A senior Israeli official said Friday that Israel will intervene militarily in case of invasion of Jordan by the terrorist organization of the Islamic State (EI). 
"We will use the means necessary," said the senior Israeli official at the TV station Channel 2 "Let me make this clear: if the Islamic state reached Jordan we vote," said he added . 
The appearance of troops in June of IE, near the Jordanian border, worried at the highest point the Hashemite kingdom. King Abdullah II called on the international community to support his regime against the jihadist threat. 
"Israel will not allow groups like the EI take control of Jordan," he assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, promising to provide "all necessary assistance" to his closest ally in the region. 
According to a Western diplomat quoted by Reuters, Israel recently sent to its American ally satellites and various information images on the Islamic state , which almost immediately was shared with Turkey and several Arab states. 
Thursday, ten Arab countries, in addition to Jordan, agreed to engage with the United States in the fight against the terrorist organization that controls large parts of Iraq and Syria. This is Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon.
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